Mental Math World Championship

March 14th, 2020(π day)

The first ever WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP on MM Go

Mobile app designed for mental math practice and tournaments is set to launch the world championship in 2020!
Think that you are talented in mental math?

Everyone can start to prepare NOW!

A: Age 6 and under

B: Age 7 to 9

C: Age 10 to 12

D: Any age

Everyone can choose to enter either the age group of the player’s age or Group D, any age. Each age group will have three champions (1st places) for addition/subtraction, multiplication, and division, respectively.

The 1st place winner of each operation will get US$1000*! A total of US$12,000 cash prize will be given out! Certain terms and conditions apply.

Level up Yourself to be Qualified

Keep an eye on the school sites at “iQ Square”. You can always enter a school site with a blue shield and create a room to play alone or with others. The awards are gold leaves if you win. A red shield indicates that a system-controlled battle is upcoming. That is where you can win awards at higher levels of gold leaves.

Generally, you will need 5 gold leaves to enter a school-level battle, 10 gold apples to enter a state-level battle, 8 gold cups to enter a national-level battle, and 5 gold crowns to enter the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

March 14 ( π day), 2020

The battle is set to start at

11:30 AM EST for addition/subtraction

12:00 PM EST for Multiplication

12:30 PM EST for Division