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Download/update the latest version of MM Go from either the App Store (iOS device) or Google Play Store (Android device).


Begin with a default map

Deny the “location access” for now. You can turn it on later at “Settings.”


Challenge yourself

If you’d like to make yourself stronger and collect gold leaves, go to Boot Camp.


Challenge others

If you’d like to battle with people, go to iQ Square.

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Let's play mental math on the go!

Make yourself stronger @

Boot Camp

A boot camp is set up at every school site. Players can select any available site to start training the four operations: addition/subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Unlock as many levels as you can to measure your ability in mental math. You will earn mileage points and gold leaves at Boot Camp.

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Join math battles @

iQ Square

Each school site has an iQ Square for players to meet up and battle in mental math. “Ground stage” battles are symbolized by blue shields. Players can create a battle room at any time. The awards for winners of ground stage battles are gold leaves.

Red shields indicate system-controlled official tournaments are upcoming. The official tournaments are at “School”, “State”, “National”, or “World” stages. The awards range from gold apples to gold abaci.

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Practice and improve

  • Practice and improve mental math skills through a stringent evaluation scheme for each level of difficulty

Levels of difficulty

  • The levels of difficulty is in compliance with the standard set by the US Mental Math Federation (

Stages of tournaments

  • Find out the top players at a school, in a state, country, and the world

Play Mental Math

  • Math Contests for everyone, anywhere, at any time


Different achievements for different you

Camp. The criteria are listed below:

– Level 11 to Level 9: Bicycles
– Level 8 to Level 6: Motorcycles
– Level 5 to Level 3: Cars
– Level 2 to Level 1: Airplanes
– Level pro: Space shuttles


The weakest level you’ve achieved at Boot Camp is between 11 and 8.



The weakest level you’ve achieved at Boot Camp is between 7 and 6.



The weakest level you’ve achieved at Boot Camp is between 5 and 3.



The weakest level you’ve achieved at Boot Camp is between 2 and 1.



The weakest level you’ve achieved at Boot Camp is Pro.

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